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A CSR initiative by Ancora Imparo

to support the

dental community in South East Asia




Ancora Imparo has been providing continuing education for dentists for the past 8 years, and we have had the privilege of engaging with many talented and dedicated dentists from all over the region. Whilst we have observed that professional success has been achieved by many of our alumni, we have also witnessed mental stress, financial woes and clinical challenges adversely affecting many dentists.


In response, Ancora Imparo developed AI4U, a CSR initiative which aims to support the dental community in South East Asia, in areas of financial health and mental well being, as well as access to professional support in times of need. We are delighted that many like-minded individuals and corporations have expressed their support to be part of this effort.


Launching in May 2023, in the first phase of the initiative, Ancora Imparo will roll out a dedicated webpage which serves as a Resource Centre for dentists in South East Asia to conveniently find reliable support when they are facing financial, mental health or clinical challenges. Listings of professional partners providing financial mental health support, as well as professional dentistry support will be made available on the webpage.


We hope to build up a caring community to support each other in our journey to provide the highest quality care to our patients, whilst at the same time, take good care of our own fraternity of dentists. It is envisaged that AI4U will grow to become a community outreach program which reminds the South East Asian dental community that challenges are part of being a dentist, and that by working together, and seeking support from each other, we can turn adversities into opportunities for growth and development.


Supporting the well-being of dentists in

their journey to provide the highest quality

care to their patients



financial well-being

Valuable tools and information

to help you manage your

finances more effectively


mental well-being

For support in your mental well being, you can reach out to these resources

continuing education

For support in your professional development and to equip yourself to better serve your patients, our education advisors are at your service:

our affiliates:

clinical case support

If you have any clinical challenges and require an obligation-free initial discussion with our panel of specialists, please contact us via email at or click here:

(For Dentists Only)

Please also indicate the relevant dental specialty of your enquiry:

• Pedodontics

• Orthodontics

• Periodontics

• Endodontics

• Oral Surgery

• Prosthodontics

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